Thanks for visiting, is official no more. Started in 2009, by requests of riders wanting to work with us at other venues. It was a good time. We have many awesome events and really built one heck of a family of riders. I want to thank everyone that ever participated in a event. With that said, it was a lot of work and took away from the things I enjoyed most, which happened to be why I started So as a result, it has finally come to a close. Allowing me to focus on new ventures and help other riders.

Our new program works at continuing to build our track family through racing and getting new riders to the race track with us. Helping them to see why we all love what we do so much.

When you have time, please check out the new website as it is our future. Please go to: where you can see race results, videos and more information about our "New Rider Program" that we have working with the FSU Police Department Motorsports Team.

Again let me thank everyone for their support and fun over the years. Hope to see you all at the track soon!

Our friends and sponsors

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